Gravel Driveway Maintenance Made Easy

In this article we will discuss such thing as driveway and gravel driveway maintenance. In the modern suburban construction there can not be details. This applies to the driveway and gravel driveway maintenance to the cottage – the road to the house, as well as gates, fences and façade, is a hallmark of the host.

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Agree, a broken track, leading from the street to the openwork wrought gate, or crushed stone dumping on the well-tended garden plot, which sprawls under the wheels of cars and dusts from mild gust of wind – this is nonsense. Road must be arranged with the mind, rather than relying on “maybe”. Construction of access road and gravel driveway maintenance: To driveway to the cottage longer retain an attractive appearance; it should be made of quality materials in compliance with all technological requirements.

In addition, we need proper gravel driveway maintenance. First you need to monitor the cleanliness of roads and integrity of the coating. How often you clean the road and make patching depends on the impact of weather and traffic load on the cover. You should putty (to gloss over and cover the cracks, holes and other damage) the pavement at least once every two years as part of your gravel driveway maintenance. Quality commercial sealers will extend the life of the coating. Sealing of coating and patching of coating protects from external influences and the infiltration of harmful substances. However, you must remove the oil, gasoline or other grease stains as soon as possible after their occurrence, especially in the gravel coating. If the coating loses or changes the color of the exposed spots, you can retrieve it with a jet of water with strong pressure, as well as using special detergents.

In proper gravel driveway maintenance it is not necessary to cover the road deicing chemicals, it can damage the finish. Chemicals that contain nitrates, or ammonium sulfate, are particularly harmful because the effects on the concrete chemically. Sodium chloride (salt) or calcium are less harmful, but may damage the green areas and contribute to corrosion. It is better to avoid the use of defrosting in the first winter after the installation of roads, as the new cover is more prone to the harmful effects of chemicals and salt. Sand – is a great alternative. Your coating can also be damaged by heavy machinery and construction vehicles. And about gravel driveway maintenance finally: Do not scrape your driveway with a shovel with a metal blade. And after gravel driveway maintenance it must be said that the type of pavement should be in harmony with the architectural style of the house and gardening.

The road to elite private residence with a granite plinth should be better paved with the natural stone, and to the building in a Scandinavian style – small boulders. Universal pavement – it is paving slabs. Regarding gravel driveway maintenance, the worst thing is if the owner of a country house and the designers did not bother for the driveways to provide easy passage of machinery operational services: ambulance, police, and firefighters. How many were cases where firefighters came on the call in housing estates, but could not get close to the blazing structure because of the narrow, maladaptive roads. They had to break fences, bushes and trees, made their way to garden plots, losing precious time, and the house was burning with bright flame.


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