Driveway Gravel Types Explained

You have purchased land, built a house, drawn up its interior and exterior. It has left to do quite a bit. Need to create a beautiful garden paths and a solid driveway where driveway gravel types will help you. And then your house will become a “house of your dream”. You can do very simple: to dig trenches and fill them with concrete or asphalt roll.

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As they say, cheap and cheerful. But is it very beautiful? Try to imagine whether a concrete path in harmony with the newly built house and planned garden? Combine a landscape design of your site, green lawns, colorful flowerbeds and gray asphalt track? And will these tracks combine with a facade of your house?

Hence, we should think well, to exercise our own imagination or go to the painter of landscape designs to perfectly finish the case – your own arrangement of the estate. Paths from natural stone and driveway gravel types – the best solution in the design of infield. Only driveway gravel types and natural stone will give your garden elegance, romance, will contribute to good rest and pleasant walks. As for the driveway gravel types – gray-green limestone, received its warm colors from nature will most perfectly fit into any garden landscape, it is appropriate and natural to fail driveway from the entrance gate to the main entrance to the mansion.

Inspect your site, no matter large or not. Imagine where there will be places for recreation, trails for walks, driveway gravel types, yard area. Make a site plan and start its implementation. The road from the gate to the main entrance and the garage will bear the greatest burden. Also always will be operated courtyard area in front of the main entrance to the house. Hence, these areas should be the most robust and reliable.

First, you should make marking out of the driveway. Usually, it is straight and leads from the gate to the garage. The optimal width is 3 m. For the driver and passengers it should be comfortable to go out of the car, not getting in the flowerbed. According to the marking out for your driveway gravel types dig a trench with depth of 40 cm, the soil in it is tightly compacted. Along the walls of the trenches reinforce curb blocks or pour concrete curb flush with the future driveway gravel types.

It will prevent slipping of the soil and will serve as boxes for a road band to keep it not dispersed. In the trench should be poured gravel cushion with layer of 30 cm, and watered also thoroughly compacted. For paving the driveway gravel types is best to use large limestone 6-8 cm thick or paving blocks or other types of gravel. Gravel foundation is poured with 3-5-centimeter layer of sand-cement mortar (3:1), on which should be placed the plate of gravel. The gap between the plates is left to a width of 5 mm. Coverage must be placed above ground at 3-5 cm, have a side slope of 2 ° and the longitudinal slope of 4-5 °, so that the water do not stand in the driveway. Ideally, along the driveway should pave the trough for the withdrawal of storm water in drains or on the street. It is better to pave the driveway and garden paths in summer.


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