Building A Gravel Driveway On Your Own

Let’s talk about building a gravel driveway. To the front door of any of a medieval castle or palace were always fed straight and level road. But even if your house is much more modest and do not live up to the title of the palace, the access road to it should be nice and smooth.

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During building a gravel driveway we can, of course, make it economically, or we may do it from concrete or the asphalt. Or we can make it beautiful, harmonious, putting it in the landscape design of our site and make it an integral element. If our house is built individually and original, its style is executed in a sophisticated romantic style, the best solution for the building a gravel driveway will be a natural stone.

In building a gravel driveway it will emphasize the beauty and nobility of architecture of the house, it will become its natural extension. Different types of gravel will best suit for any garden and will be the part of its nature, and also due to the building a gravel driveway you will have reliable path to your house that will withstand to big loads. First of all you should mark your driveway (in the opinion of professionals its optimal width will be 3 m. It will be enough for your car and for passengers going out of it. Your road can be straight leading right to the garage, for example, or it could be curved.

Type of driveway to choose before building a gravel driveway depends on your choice and the design of your house and garden. Also it should be mentioned that you should left enough space for turning around of your (if it is possible). According to the marking we should dig the trench and stamp the ground. After this you should put curb blocks along the wall of the trench or you can straighten falsework and pour the concrete for making curb. It should be above the ground at about 4 or 5 cm. Due to this curb during building a gravel driveway you will have an opportunity to save the form of the road and prevent the slippage of the soil and the deformation of the driveway.

After this put there gravel cushions (about 30 cm) and pours it with water; stamp it. During making your driveway you should put gravel with thickness of 60 mm and make it smooth. The plane of the road should be above the ground at 4 or 5 cm and to have longitudinal and lateral gradients for the water to flow down during the rain. Also you can make tray for withdrawal of stormwater. Building a gravel driveway should be better done in summer when the soil is dry enough and stable. If this is done in autumn or spring, the road may soon “creep” on the wet slimy ground. Or you will have to repair your driveway. If you observe the technology of building a gravel driveway the road will serve your for many years.


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