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What follows is a brief overview of making a gravel driveway using driveway gravel. Future track (width 2.5 m for cars and 3.5 m for trucks) should be marked out from the two sides by pegs and pull strings on them.

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You should know that that when the turning of your car the inner and outer radius is built from one center and the difference between them must be equal to the width of the driveway gravel. If you plan to use curb (road, not the lawn), pull the string at its upper outer edge. The depth of ditch is 150-300 mm. If there is curb, gutter width increases and the edges deepened as to curb to be at 150 mm above the road surface.

The bottom of the ditch for the curb is spread with compacted sand cushion to eliminate the possibility of subsidence. Curbs for the driveway gravel are placed on either side (beveled edge toward the road), fixing it with leaned solution to control the correctness of packing by twine. In the device of the curb for driveway gravel you should observe the highest accuracy, to ensure equal height of the adjacent stones in the joints, if necessary adding gravel under the rubble edge down or taking the surplus, to check on your eye height, straightness and smoothness of the rotation, as well as the width of future road. It will be very difficult to correct errors after paving. Basis preparation: a ditch is filled with two layers of driveway gravel, first large-scale (thickness of 80-100 mm), and then a shallow (50-70 mm). Each layer is carefully rammed.

The resulting coating is poured with a thin layer of sand (20-50 mm), it is also rammed, while forming a profile of the road with the slopes and edges (30-50 mm). Coverage: tamping surface. When you device of the road for cars you can replace the top layer of sand with a layer of screening of gravel or slag and thoroughly compact it (with road roller).  More durable coating of driveway gravel is obtained if the top layer of gravel to spill with liquid solution, and then more thick, providing a concrete floor flushes with the gravel. Of course, with this, layers of crushed stone are placed so as to provide the desired level of coverage in height. Tiled or brick coating can be performed as described above, using the same technology that the device of paths from driveway gravel types.

The ditch under it should be dig with depth of 200-300 mm. On rubble-sand base first poured concrete floor with thickness of about 80 mm, rams and align it, and then spread the stone on top stone, and grout (the thickness of the seams, which should be smoothed the flush is about 20 mm). On the estate with a driveway gravel will look good gauge for the car, made in the form of two narrow lanes with a grassy strip between them. Gauge may have any road surface, as described above, but with a more powerful base, which is done as a trench with width of 600 mm and a depth of about half a meter, and fill them with rubble or gravel. If you make the driveway gravel following all instructions you will not need gravel driveway repair and gravel driveway maintenance for many years.


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